Tennis Ladders

The RCTA will run two ladders in 2024: Men's and Women's Singles. Players must be current RCTA members and pay the $30 ladder registration fee to participate for the season. Ladder results are recorded and tracked on the RCTA website and in the TennisGroups app.

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Registration for ladders is now open! Players can still join the ladder after the season begins. (Note: you must be a current RCTA member before joining a ladder. Use the "Join" button above to become a member.). Players can still join the ladder after the season begins.

How It Works:

The ladder is a ranking system; players try to move up the ladder by challenging higher-ranked players to a match. If the challenger wins the match, they move up to the opponent's spot and everyone in between moves down one rung. If the challenger loses, everyone stays put. The number of players in the ladder will determine how many rungs up one can challenge; check back for updates. New players may make their first challenge as high as they like. Win and they move to that position; lose and they must start at the bottom and work their way up. Ladder position will be randomized at the start of the 2024 season. In October, playoffs will be held to crown our two 2024 RCTA ladder champions! See detailed ladder rules here.

Challenge matches are played to one set, first to 6 games with no-ad scoring. If a game reaches deuce, the receiver chooses between the deuce or ad side. If the score reaches 5-5, the match is decided by a 12-point tiebreak (first to 7 points, win by 2). Players may warmup for up to 5 minutes.

When joining the ladder, players indicate their availability: Weekends, weekday days and/or weekday evenings. Challenges are issued directly to players through the ladder messaging system on the RCTA website and the TennisGroups app. The ladder is designed for players who plan on being available to play through the bulk of the season and are interested in playing at least one challenge match per week.