Rules of play

  1. Unauthorized teaching is not allowed on the courts. Anyone giving or taking an unauthorized lesson (or paid hitting partner) may lose the right to use the courts in the future.
  2. Courts are assigned on first-come/first-served basis. Players must present either a valid NYC Parks Tennis Permit or a valid NYC Parks Single Play Tennis Ticket to the attendant on duty for inspection. As a courtesy to the attendant, please hand attendant permit and do not just shout out 4 numbers. You can pay $15 at the gate if you do not have a permit or a single play ticket.
  3. Only players who have not yet played on that day may sign for a court. Players playing with a “repeater” will forfeit any signup.
  4. Courts are assigned for one hour for singles; two hours for doubles, if there are four non-repeating players.
  5. At least two eligible players must be present to hold a court. Unclaimed courts will be assigned to players signed for subsequent hours in order of sign-up. “No-show lists” are not kept here.
  6. Any player who plays 30 minutes or more of a given hour will be assigned to that hour. Players who have already played for 30 minutes or more that day will be designated as “Repeaters.”
  7. Repeaters may re-sign for an unassigned court at 5 minutes past the hour. All 1st-time Repeaters are equally eligible for unassigned courts. If there are more Repeaters than available courts, lots will be drawn. 1st-time Repeaters have priority over 2nd & 3rd time repeaters. If one player on the court is a repeater, all players on that court will be considered “repeaters.”
  8. Wheeled objects including bicycles, strollers, shopping carts, scooters, and luggage are not allowed on the courts. Pets are not allowed on the courts.
  9. No more than six balls are allowed on the court, except authorized teachers.
  10. The decision of the attendant in charge regarding the interpretation of these rules, all other rules concerning play and the condition of the courts is final. Abusive language or behavior will result in forfieture of access to these courts.