Rules of play

  1. Courts are assigned on a first come, first served basis and players may sign up for any available hour.
  2. Singles play is for one hour, doubles play is for two hours. One person may sign up for singles or doubles.
  3. If no courts are available for the desired hour of play, players may sign up for the Waitlist. Players may not sign up for a court and the Waitlist.
  4. Courts assignments are held until 5 minutes past the hour. Unclaimed courts will be assigned to people on the Waitlist.
  5. Players may not repeat unless all players waiting get to play prior to anyone repeating. If there is one repeater on a court, all players are considered repeaters.
  6. When the siren sounds, all players must stop and sweep the courts, and all the lines, so the next group can enjoy play on a fresh court.
  7. Unauthorized teaching is not permitted on these courts. Violators will be asked to leave.
  8. No more than 6 balls are allowed on each court.
  9. Players may only carry scooters and folding bikes onto the courts (no wheeling on the courts is permitted).
  10. The decision of the Gate Attendant regarding the interpretation of these rules, all other rules concerning play, and the playing condition of the courts is final.