Group Lessons

Meet Players, Up your Game, Have fun

The RCTA is pleased to offer a variety of group lessons.  These programs are a great way to work on your game in an organized, social way.  Please read the class descriptions to determine what is best for you. Classes are one hour long (except for Junior Aces, which is 2). To register, click here.  If you are not already an RCTA member, you must become a member before registering.  Please look at event locations closely as we are also offering group lessons at 119th Street.

6 week classes will begin the week of June 24 for the Summer 2024 session. There will be no group lessons on July 4.

All Spring group lessons held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will offer a makeup lesson one week after the initially stated end date, on the same day and hour of the week.  This is due to anticipated absences on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27).  Groups will still be held on Memorial Day weekend, and all group members may attend the makeup lesson.

SPring 2024 - Juniors:  Register Here

  • Red Ball (Ages 5-6):  For young beginners playing tennis for the first time. The red ball is 75% slower than a standard yellow ball. This allows for the development of proper fundamentals and technique with agility, balance, coordination and fun.  6 players per group, 8 classes, $360.
  • Orange Ball (Ages 7-8):  For beginners progressing from red ball, orange balls bounce higher and move faster than red, but lower and slower than green balls. Young players will continue to improve their technique in a fun and manageable way.  6 players per group, 8 classes, $360.
  • Green Dot Ball (Ages 9-12):  For beginners progressing from orange ball, the green dot ball is 25% slower than a standard yellow ball. At this level, players will continue working on their grip, strokes and serve with more speed and bounce.  6 players per group, 8 classes, $360.
  • Yellow Ball (Ages 13-17):  For beginners learning tennis in their teens. Players will develop the proper fundamentals and technique with agility, balance, coordination & fun.  6 players per group, 6 classes, $270
  • Junior Aces (Ages 13-17):  For teens with prior tennis experience, Junior Aces will complete two hours of fast-moving drills including varied competitive situations. Players will also learn the rules and strategies of formal match play.  4 players per group, 6 classes, $660.

Summer 2024 - Adults:  REGISTER HERE (Begins June 24)

  • Cardio Tennis: A high-energy group fitness activity that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, using tennis drills and games to deliver the ultimate full-body, calorie-burning aerobic workout. 6 players per group, 6 classes, $270.
  • Adult Beginner: This classes is for beginner to advanced-beginner level players who are looking to learn and improve, or have little to no match play experience. 6 players per group, 6 classes, $270.
  • Adult Intermediate: This drill-oriented class is for players who can sustain a ten-ball rally, control and direct the ball, and use topspin and slice. 6 players per group, 6 classes, $270.
  • Doubles (Intermediate/Advanced): This group is designed for experienced doubles players to work on their tactics, positioning and point construction. 6 players per group, 6 classes, $270.
  • Stroke of the Week: Each week will focus a specific shot; Forehand, backhand, volley and overhead, serve, then put it all together in the last two weeks. Take all of your strokes to the next level this summer!  6 players per group, 6 classes, $270.

There are no refunds for absences. You may email to inquire about finding a time for a potential makeup. Makeups are not guaranteed. All makeups must be with the same coach in the same type of group.

If you’d like to register after a group begins, please join and then email You may be refunded for weeks that have already passed. You must be an RCTA member to register

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