Everything you need to know to playing at the RCTA courts

How do I play?

These are public courts. Anyone can play here. It's free if you are a holder of current NYC Parks Dept season tennis permit. If not, you can buy a day pass for $15 at the tennis courts. Season permits are $100 for adults ($10 for juniors, $20 for seniors, 62 or over) and are available through the Parks Dept. website.

Do I need to be an RCTA member to play? What’s the difference between RCTA membership and a tennis permit?

You do not need to be an RCTA member to play on these public courts. RCTA membership alone does not allow you to play. A NYC Parks Season Tennis permit or day pass ($15, available at the courts) is all that's required. RCTA members, like anyone else, must have one of the two. RCTA membership is a $60 tax-deductible donation that goes to support the maintenance and operation of the the red clay public courts. RCTA membership is required for some organized programming such as group clinics, ladders, tournaments, cardio tennis, etc. It is not required for private lessons, reservations or walk-on play.

Do I need a reservation?

You do not need a reservation, although limited reservations are available on-line for a $15 fee. Walk-on courts are assigned on a daily basis only on a fist-come/first-serve basis.

How do I know when the courts are closed by rain?

Call the Hotline. 212-978-0277. The hotline is changed whenever conditions change. It is updated once the courts are closed by rain and again once we know when the courts will reopen. If you hear an old message, it means conditions are the same as the last time it was updated. You can also use the RCTA app or visit this website.

How do I make a reservation to play?

Visit the New York City Park's website for details and to make a reservation. All other courts are deemed walk-on courts and they are available for same day only sign upon a first come/first served basis.

Can I call the courts?

There is no phone at the tennis courts. The court conditions and lesson status are available as spelled out above from the Hotline.

Do you give lessons?

Yes, we offer both private and group lessons. Registration for both is on-line. Here for private lessons and here for groups.

Can I demo a racquet?

No, but you can borrow one. There are plenty of adult and children's racquets that you can use at no charge. If the attendant does not know you, he or she may ask for a driver's license or credit card to hold onto until you return the racquet.

Can I get balls? There are usually plenty of decent used balls lying around for use. Otherwise, you can usually buy a can, though supply often runs out.