Group Lesson Faqs

What is the Hotline?

The Hotline number is 212-978-0277. The Hotline is a recording that is changed whenever the courts are closed by rain and again when we know when the courts will be reopened after the rain.

How do I know if Lessons are canceled by rain?

Call the Hotline above. But listen to the whole message. The courts may be closed for public play because of rain but open for lessons ONLY if one court is dry enough. Remember, too, that the courts are clay and it can take several hours after a heavy rain for the courts to dry. It's a good idea to call the Hotline to double check if there has been significant rain within the past 24 hours.

How do I make up Lessons canceled by rain?

Any lessons canceled by rain will be added at the end of the session. In other words, the session will be extended by as many weeks as there were rainouts.

What if I miss a class? Are there make-ups?

If you a miss a class that was not canceled by rain, you can try to make it up on a standby basis at a class of an equivalent level or age category during the same season session. You can do this in advance of or after a missed class. Standby spots will be given out on a first-come/first-serve basis to fill any spots due to no-shows in a given class.

Can I take an individual class?

If there is an open spot due to a no-show or low-registration, and there is no one eligible who is registered in another class on standby, anyone not registered can join a class for $30.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

RCTA cannot guarantee a refund for any lessons. However, if you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the first class, we will do our very best to sell your spot to someone else and have that person pay you for the spot. All refunds are processed through Ben, and they take approximately 5 to 7 business days to process.

If injuries arise after classes have started, best efforts will be made to replace injured players from the waitlists (if there are waitlists). If someone is placed from the waitlists, injured players will receive a refund for all future classes missed due to the injury. If no one is placed from the waitlists, the injured players receive a refund for 50 percent of the remaining classes missed due to injuries. Please note, only ailments that prohibit players from returning during the season of classes are considered injuries. Missing one or two classes because of sickness or a minor ailment is not considered a full injury. The RCTA makes every effort to reasonably accommodate injured players.

How do I change classes if I sign up for the wrong class?

All changes must be made by Ben at Please contact him directly to request the change. We will make every effort to accommodate changes, but if they are not requested at least two weeks prior to the start of the class, and we cannot fill the spot, the registrant will be responsible for the lesson fee. We do are best to accommodate reasonable requests, but we also need ample time to manage the class sizes and assign the coaches.

How many people are in a class?

The maximum is five in a First Serve junior class, four in a Junior Ace class. Adult class maximums are six, five or four, depending on the fees for a given class. Adult class size is listed in the schedules.

How late can I be?

If you are more than 15 minutes late for a class, someone on a standby list may have claimed your spot, and it would be awkward if not rude to kick them out.

Do I need my own racket?

No. We have a decent selection of children's and adult rackets you can borrow for lessons, or for playing for that matter.

Does my RCTA membership let me play on the courts outside of lessons?

No. The courts are public and open to anyone with a city parks tennis permit ($100 for adults, $20 for seniors 62 and older, $10 for juniors) or a $15 day permit. The season permit is available from the parks department. Day permits are available at the courts. RCTA members like anyone else need on or the other to play outside of lessons.