first serve program


First Serve Program

RCTA's Junior "First Serve" program is an introductory tennis program for children from 3 to 14 years old at the beginner to intermediate levels. These classes are for future recreational players. Emphasis is on fun and the basics of hitting a tennis ball over the net. There is focus on general movement and balance, in addition to tennis-specific skills. Classes are held after schools and on weekends in spring, summer and fall sessions. Cost depends on length of session: spring (8-weeks) is $300; summer & fall (6-weeks) is $230. See Schedule and Registration below for more details.

Please note you will need to be a current RCTA member in order to register for the program. You can renew or join via the JOIN button above.

Ages: 3 to 12. Experience: Beginner & Intermediate for 3 to 9; Beginner for 9 to 12.

Emphasis is on fun. RCTA First Serve programs adhere to the philosophy and curricula the USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiatives, using age-appropriate rackets, balls, and court-size.

There up to five participants in each group. If you see a class size listed as larger than five, it means the class will be split into two groups, each with its own instructor and net. For children under 7, we split a single adult-size court into two mini-courts with a smaller nets. Within the 5 to 9 age groups, each class is divided into two groups based on the amount of prior tennis experience and/or skill levels.

Tennis shoes are recommended, but not essential. Courts are red clay and clothes will get dirty. Hats are recommended on sunny days. There is a water fountain at the courts, but kids may want to bring their water, especially on hot days. Racquets are provided for all age groups.

Classes are held one hour each week for the length of the session. Rained out dates will be added the week(s) following the scheduled end of the session. Call the RCTA hotline for weather-related cancellations: 212-978-0277. Make-up classes can be had on a standby basis (first-come/first-serve) at other equivalent age level classes in the same seasonal session.

RCTA will be moving the First Serve Program for children ages 3 to 8 years old indoors on Sundays starting in Late October, 2019. The program will take place at the Trevor Day School Gym on West 88th and Central Park West. Programs are at 11am and 12N. Instructors from RCTA's summer camp will be coaching this program. REGISTER HERE for the indoor fall and winter program. REGISTRATION FOR INDOOR FALL AND WINTER YOUTH TENNIS PROGRAMS WILL AVAILABLE SOON

Group Lesson FAQs

RCTA's junior programs are meant for children and grandchildren of RCTA members. While it is certainly fine if you join the RCTA solely to enroll your children in these programs, please do remember that you are joining a non-profit, volunteer community association dedicated to maintaining the public courts and surrounding landscape in Riverside Park.

Register here for First Serve classes.

Cancelation and Refund Policies

A non-refundable $100 deposit is included in the fees. Refunds, less the $100 deposit, will be given for cancelations at least 2 weeks prior to the first class. Cancelations made after two weeks prior to the first class will be given minus the $100 deposit and the pro-rated per class price of classes held + 2 weeks. Classes rained out will be made up by extending the class for as many weeks as are rained out.

If injuries arise after classes have started, best efforts will be made to replace injured players from the waitlists (if there are waitlists). If someone is placed from the waitlists, injured players will receive a refund for all future classes missed due to the injury. If no one is placed from the waitlists, the injured players receive a refund for 50 percent of the remaining classes missed due to injuries. Please note, only ailments that prohibit players from returning during the season of classes are considered injuries. Missing one or two classes because of sickness or a minor ailment is not considered a full injury. The RCTA makes every effort to reasonably accommodate injured players.