Adult Group Lessons

Adult Group Lessons

On weeknights and weekend afternoons, RCTA pros conducts tennis clinics for adults. Skill-level categories include Beginner, Low-Intermediate and High-Intermediate. Hour-long clinics are held weekly and are available in 4-, 6- and 8-week packages. Options include four-, five- and six-person groups. Fees are based on number of weeks and number of per class participants. Frequently Asked Questions About Group Lessons.


These clinics are great it you are looking to hit a lot of balls and to meet other players of your skill level. Naturally, Beginner sessions will have an appropriate amount of instruction, but for the Intermediate categories, detailed instruction is limited, unless requested by the participants, on the beleif that the best, quickest and most fun road to improvement is by playing and playing and playing.

Clinics are held one hour each week for the length of the session. Rained out dates will be added on following the scheduled end of the session. Call the RCTA hotline for weather-related cancellations: 212-978-0277. Make-up classes can be had on a standby basis (first-come/first-serve) at other equivalent level classes in the same seasonal session. (E.g., if you miss your Monday night class one week because of work, you can try to get in on a Thursday night class if there is an opening due to a no-show.) Racquets are available for use during class.

Participants must be RCTA members ($60.00 per year) at the time of registration. Prices vary depending on length of session and number of participants per group. Prices are posted on the schedule for each lesson; the lower price is for current RCTA members, while the higher price includes membership for the season during which the lessons are held.

Cardio Tennis - RCTA also offers Cardio Tennis for adults - The Spring 2023 Cardio Schedule is now posted and will be available for sign-up starting November 29th.

Cancelation and Refund Policies

A non-refundable $100 deposit is included in the fees. Refunds, less the $100 deposit, will be given for cancelations at least 2 weeks prior to the first class. Cancelations made after two weeks prior to the first class will be given minus the $100 deposit and the pro-rated per class price of classes held + 2 weeks. Classes rained out will be made up by extending the class for as many weeks as are rained out.

If injuries arise after classes have started, best efforts will be made to replace injured players from the waitlists (if there are waitlists). If someone is placed from the waitlists, injured players will receive a refund for all future classes missed due to the injury. If no one is placed from the waitlists, the injured players receive a refund for 50 percent of the remaining classes missed due to injuries. Please note, only ailments that prohibit players from returning during the season of classes are considered injuries. Missing one or two classes because of sickness or a minor ailment is not considered a full injury. The RCTA makes every effort to reasonably accommodate injured players.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Lessons