Pictured L to R: Nicole Levin, Susan Lichy, Grace G, Jun Tsuchiya

Champions: Grace G & Jun Tsuchiya

Finalists: Nicole Levi & Susan Lichy

The 2021 RCTA Tournament Season launched the weekend of June 12-13, with the Women's Open Doubles. In what has now evolved into a trend, we saw a lot of familiar and new faces gather for two flights of round-robin play as 10 teams squared off.

The newcomer team of Grace G and Jun Tsuchiya proved too strong in the end as they topped the RCTA veteran team of Nicole Levin and Susan Lichy in the final.

All the players enjoyed a full slate of tennis and the final four were awarded the new RCTA Trophy Glasses that were provided by 2021 Tournament Sponsor, Lauren Kende Real Estate.

The RCTA Tournament Glasses are now a treasured keepsake and there are plenty more up for grabs. Rumor has it they are trending on e-bay and Amazon.




Pictured L to R: Sofie Chen, Thomas Weiss, Susan Lichy, Henry Sandberg

Champions: Sofie Shen &Thomas Weiss

Finalists: Susan Lichy & Henry Sandberg

The weekend of June 19 - 20 brought on a traditional favorite on the RCTA Tournament calendar, the Mixed Open Doubles. 20 teams matched up in four equally balanced flights.

There were many great matches, and once again some patterns emerged, as we had an influx of longtime RCTA racketeers, more newcomers and an RCTA Camp instructor. Throw it all in the pot, and it added up to a full day for all.

Hats off to the semi-finalists, Susan Curtis and Roger Cox, and Grace G and Jeff Cohen. Roger had to step away from his Saturday morning post as a volunteer gate attendant to team with Susan and battle though to the Sunday morning semis.

On the other side, we had newcomer, and 2021 RCTA Women's Open Doubles Champions, Grace G and Savvy vet, Jeff Cohen make their way through to the semis.

In the end, it was RCTA Camp Instructor, and 2021 Liberty League Rookie of the Year from Vassar, Sofie Shen, and Thomas Weiss, prevailing over the Mother and Son team of Susan Lichy and Henry Sandberg in the final.




Pictured L to R: Thomas Weiss, Nicolas Young, Sameer Mithal, Jim Fallon

Champions: Sameer Mithal & Jim Fallon

Finalists: Thomas Weiss & Nicolas Young

As word of the new RCTA Tournament Glasses being up for grabs spread around the park, the big guns circled their wagons in search of the coveted prizes as the weekend of June 26-27, welcomed the Men's Open Doubles event.

Once again, there was a return visitor to the Lauren Kende Real Estate Banner Money Shot, as Thomas Weiss returned to the podium.

However, there was a lot of tennis played prior to Weiss collecting his second trophy glass of the 2021; and this time, the tables were turned as Mr. Weiss's glass was etched with Finalist versus Champion, as Sameer Mithal and Jim Fallon ousted Weiss and Nicolas Young in a thrilling three set final.

The intimate gallery assembled in Tournament Alley on Sunday morning applauded the doubles artistry on display as the talented duo of Fallon & Mithal staved off a first set loss to the big hitting youngsters and adroitly navigated their way to the finish line to walk off with their new glasses in hand.

Hats off to all the players, and a special shoutout to the semi-finalists, Bill Bruder & Jason Vivani, and to the RCTA's own, Jacob Liebowitz and Greg Choa, who gave the champs a good test in the Sunday morning semi.





Pictured L to R: Anita Venkiteswaran and Laurie Elvove

Champion: Anita Venkiteswaran

Finalist: Laurie Elove

Twelve women shrugged off the threat of rain and endured the heat and humidity on Saturday to determine who would make it to the Lauren Kende Real Estate Awards Podium on Sunday.

Saturday offered an array of matches as four players worked their way through their respective flights to emerge as the semi-finalists. In addition to our Champion and Finalist noted above, Sophia Galatas and Christina Mott won their respective flights to make it to the final four.

A good time was had by all and Tournament Alley was alive as the players made new friends and talked real estate with Lauren Kende who played in the tournament.

By the end of Saturday, we all knew who was going home on Sunday with a coveted RCTA Tournament Glass, the question was: Who would go home with what glass?

In the end it was Anita Venkiteswaran as she topped Laurie Elove in a match tiebreak to decide the outcome. Thank you to all the participants and hats off to Anita for capturing the top prize.